take care of your shoes

It is advisable to clean with a dry cloth to remove excess dust and then apply colorless waxes to protect the leather of the shoe.
Avoid keeping both shoes in the same bag or box, since, due to use, the sole can have dust and mistreat the material, especially in suede materials.


liquid spills

In the event of spillage, blot up liquid immediately with a clean cloth or dry absorbent sponge. Do not rub. Then dry with a clean towel and let the item dry in the room (not in the sun).
Material should never be tumble dried as the heat can damage the material and dry out the leather.


Oil or Fat

In the case of stains with oils or fats, consult specialized dry cleaners. Remember that leather is skin and is very susceptible to the absorption of these fluids.


Leather shoes

It is recommended to clean with a dry cloth to remove excess dust and apply colorless waxes to smooth leathers. DO NOT use glycerin soap, abrasive cleaners, varnish, detergent or other cleaning products, alcohol or ammonia. DO NOT apply any product containing silicone directly on the leather, this material can damage the color of the leather.

DO NOT machine wash.
YES clean with colorless ointment.
Do not wet.
YES clean with flannel and Blem.


Patent leather shoes or similar

If the product came into contact with water, dry with a clean cloth or towel, without rubbing, and leave to dry in a ventilated place.

Do not expose to the sun, as it can damage the colors and ruin the material.
Do not use dryers.


Cloth shoes or slippers

DO NOT wet, as it discolors.
DO NOT machine wash.
YES waterproof.
YES dry clean, with dry cleaning products.


Suede and chamois shoes

They require special treatment as these materials are sensitive to friction.

Professional dry cleaning is recommended.
They should not be exposed to dryers or the sun.
Apply a special spray protector for chamois before using them and let it dry.
Avoid rubbing with garments that tend to lose color (eg Jean)
Avoid contact with surfaces with dust, grease, moisture, etc.
Consider that they can transfer color to other garments such as. Light fabrics.
DO NOT machine wash.
Do not wet.
YES waterproof.
YES clean with a semi-soft bristle brush or extra-fine sandpaper 0.0.
YES clean with white eraser.


Synthetic shoes / Canvas

DO NOT machine wash or submerge.
DO NOT dry in the sun.
DO NOT use bleach or bleach.
YES dry clean.


hair shoes

The hair is a luxury material so it requires special care.
They are sensitive to friction and rubbing can wear them out.


Metallic leather shoes

Leathers with metallic finishes deserve extra care as they are sensitive to friction and can lose their original shine and color.


Wood base shoes

It is recommended not to wet the base of the wood-look lining, because it can change the color or damage the integrity of the material.

It must be taken into account that natural materials are used, so it is ideal to be careful and avoid sudden blows.

Avoid chemical splashes, as it can damage its appearance and deteriorate the protective finish.